Winter 2012 Beauty Trends

From black cherry lips to retro bouffant’s, winter 2012’s beauty trends are hotter than ever! Deep gothic crimson lips next to basically bare faces, or bold strokes of colour leaping off your eye lids. This winter it’s all about your assets and how to show them off!

The shape of your eye brow should frame your eyes, enhancing their natural beauty. Depending on your eye colour, different shades of eye shadow and liner will suit you. Green eyes look great with browns, golds and khaki, wonderful warm colours. Blues suit green, purple and silvery whites, a fresh peacock-like combination. Browns can’t beat smoky eyes, using greys and black – add a little khaki and some sparkle to bring the smoky look into this season.

With lips it depends on your skin tone and how daring you are. Dark purples, rich reds and glossy browns all made an appearance on the runway. Team with a little blusher on your cheek bones and a coat of mascara.

Complete either look with an eye brow powder, Beautiful Brows is THE set to have. With stencils to create that perfect brow arch every time!

Once you look dazzling, throw on a sparkly dress, get back combing that bouffant, and perfect your look with a skinny hair band to show off those assets!






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